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My Closet Essentials

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

In this post I'll be sharing my wardrobe must haves I discussed in my closet essentials Youtube video. If you would like a more in depth look at my closet essentials check out my new Youtube video here.

These are pieces that I think every girl should have in her closet. This list can also be used to create a capsule closet wardrobe. These items are all neutrals. They can be dressed up or dressed down. They're basic pieces you can add to any outfit or they can be used to create a whole look.

To see these pieces in action head over to my Instagram.


Basic White (and Black) Tee

Basic White (and Black) Tank

White (and Black) Blouse

White Button Down

Bodysuit (in all neutrals)

Turtleneck (in all neutrals)

Chunky Sweater

Little Black Dress


Denim Jeans

Black Jeans


Flare Pants

Black Mini Skirt

Black Midi Skirt

Another Option: This is my black midi skirt I mentioned in the video.

White Mini Skirt

Demin Mini Skirt


Denim Jacket

Cozy Cardigan

Biker Jacket


Trench Coat

Houndstooth Coat - A fun neutral option.


Black and Nude Pumps

White Sneakers

Ballet Flat or Loafer

Ankle Boot

Flat/Casual Boot

White Sandals


When shopping for a versatile, staple bag I use this list of qualifications:

- It's your most worn neutral color

- Matches your most work shoes or the color shoes you own the most of

- A classic, timeless style

- Can be worn with dressy and casual outfits

- Transitions well from day to night

- Well made

Here are some options at different price points.


Tori Burch

Kate Spade

JW PEI (vegan leather)

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